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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Listening to / Classic Tracks

Been a fair while since I last posted a Classic Track, but this week I have mostly been listening to an album full of them. Back in late 1978, when I was 10, my Dad brought home a superb new bit of vinyl - the cover looked just like this ...

My Dad always had a habit of playing any new albums at a decent volume - which was sometimes a bonus and sometimes torture (like when it was Wishbone Ash ....). Track 1 burst into life, and from the first few seconds this came to be one of my all time favourite albums. We turned the volume up further and listened through a few times. Here's a few highlights from it - no apologies for starting with track 1.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed your Dad bought Parallel Lines - whilst my Dad did admit to thinking Debbie Harry was sexy he'd never buy anything with a tune written after 1914!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Great stuff but the previous album Plastic Letters was better though



Skev said...

In 1978, my Dad was only 32 himself so not so surprising. He bought some good stuff in the post-punk era but all I can remember from the mid 70s before that was variations on the prog-rock theme. A lot of that was complete shite!

My Dad didn't but that one so no nostalgia :-) Certainly though I remember hearing Denis and Presence Dear on the radio. Think that album was only released a few months earlier in 1978?