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Sunday, 21 November 2010

TTV & Listening to ..

Amongst the options I considered this morning were staying in bed, more reedbed watching or heading over to Rutland Water for another Lesser Yellowlegs. I decided that a lie-in would be nice but utilmately a waste of time, I can't face another reedbed session just yet, and Rutland Water would be busier than ever. So I shunned all three of these and went to do more local tetrad work instead.

The main habitat was the endless sterile farmland that is predominant in south Leicestershire, with the only redeeming features being a long abandoned and overgrown railway cutting and a few rough fields running either side of a brook. Consequently nothing too exciting, with by far the best birds (in a local context) being a Marsh Tit, 8 Siskins and a Jay. Good to be out counting though, but I was then constrained for the rest of the day by an obligatory family meal.

This week, I have mainly been listening to some classy stuff from ex Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, working under the guise of Recoil. Great stuff this ....

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