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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Really, who gives a flying ......

Up and down the country, thousands upon thousands are no doubt making their plans for 29/04/2011. Travel to London, what hat to wear, what colour, bla bla bla. Well I'm making my plans now - a full day's birding with an overnight mothing session in some remote woodland with no fucking telly. I don't care what the weather is like - I'm not sitting around watching that wedding.

I really don't see what all the fuss about Katie is anyway - it's not like she's new to it.

Her marriage to Peter Andre collapsed due to conflicting opinions on which fake tan product was best.
Of him, they said "lock up your hair products"

More recently she's been stuck like velcro to hairy knob Russell Brand
Of him, they said "lock up your daughters, mothers, grandmothers and goats"

Seen on a secret date out with Big Willie
Of him, they said "lock up your military aircraft and raptors"


Anonymous said...

We can only hope Al-Qaeda gatecrashes that wedding, while all the blue-blood fuckers are in one place.

Skev said...

Hmm - not a Royalist then Dean :-)

Apart from the fact that the taxpayer will be paying some disgustingly ridiculous sums to ensure this doesn't happen, I understand the sentiment but the problem with this is that:

a) it would be seen as a massive coup on the part of some fucking mental pseudo-religeous terrorists

b) no matter how may Royals are gone, there will always be some distant claim (from the Uncle of the Brother of the Wife of a distant Cousin in Greece ...) and we'd be back to square one

The only way for me is that the public as a whole wake-up see this sorry lot for the drain on the taxpayer that they are (parasites) and 'opt out'. A very unlikey prospect I know, but we won't be a Republic without the consent or demand of the masses.

Anonymous said...

Mark, i agree. Maybe i was just thinking out loud. It was just the thought of all of them in the one place at the one time.

That last comment as you say is never going to happen. Personally, i think this country needs a revolution.