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Monday, 29 November 2010

Feed the birds .....

Lardy Bird Cake

250g slab of cheap lard (99% fat)
c200g of dried fruit (sultanas, currants, raisins)
c400g of uncooked peanuts
a couple of uneaten cheese sandwiches from the kids pack-up
any suitable left-overs from dinner (pizza, meat, pastry)

Blitz the peanuts, sandwiches (or other stale/surplus bready product) and dinner leftovers.

Gently heat the lard until 50% melted, then take off heat and allow to completely melt.

Stir in the blitzed stuff and ensure all crumbs soaked in melted lard. Add dried fruit (alternatively add a couple of blitzed apples) and stir in.

Turn out into roasting tin or similar and allow to set.

Break into chunks and place on ground by feeding station at dawn.

Feeds 50 - 100.

I reckon I keep our local Co-op in business on the lard front - 40p well spent every time if you ask me. They are also doing a roaring trade in 500g bags of sultanas.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell - I thought your blog had been taken over by Tony Soper till I saw the price of lard these days! 40p!

Skev said...

Other lard manufacturers are available ....

I hadn't realised till I posted this in an idle moment that lard is only 99% fat. WTF? Note how heathily low in salt and sugars it is though - we should eat more ourselves.

Stewart said...

Feed the birds....let them know its Christmas time...feed the biiiirrrdss....Just like Live Aid.

Skev said...

I was going to start the post with 'tuppence a bag' - but it's more like a quid a tray which doesn't scan lyrically .....