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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Watermead CP 07/05/2009

I nipped over to Watermead Park after work for a quick look and walk around - nothing in particular in mind though. It had looked quite nice and sunny out from the office window, however once out and about it was actually a force 10 gale (okay, just very windy). Immediately obvious was a good 200 or so Swifts zooming about, but notably there was virtually no hirundines joining them (just a couple of Sand Martins and Swallows whilst I was there). Sedge and Reed Warblers were in good voice, and there were a few Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs singing but I didn't hear a single Willow Warbler - maybe their feeble songs were being carried away in the wind. I always find this site to be a real mix of fortunes and feelings - 50% of the site is peaceful and looks great for wildlife, 25% is a bit indifferent and 25% of it is a shithole thanks to the endless procession of bread-throwing fuckwits that are destroying the site. As ever, there was an unnaturally high number of non-breeding Mute Swans loitering about - they are not even bothering to fight and kill each other which should be their normal spring behaviour. Thankfully though, I didn't see too much evidence of Canada Geese breeding around the site - looks to be a couple of pairs on the island but only one brood noted on the way around. Five small Canada Geese - maybe I should have alerted the pager services Fluffy scum Aside from the plague of Swans, aberrant Mallard types, and white farm geese, the car park area also has an unnaturally high population of scraggy looking Crows. All look in poor condition and there are more white feathers amongst them than should be expected - probably all a bit in-bred (in-bread?). One of the less scruffy individuals The mindless twats that come to aid the spread of disease and vermin can't even dispose of the bread bags without causing more trouble. Lazy fucking bastards I can feel a letter to the Council coming on - I shall endeavour to make it expletive free. At least this pair of Greylags had the decency to avoid the masses, preferring the secluded marshy bit at the southern end of the southern lake. A few House Sparrows of cottoned of to the easy pickings, but they are okay as they chirp a lot and have character. Rock, Sparrow Bright eyes. At least until it gets Myxomatosis.

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Anonymous said...

Surprised there was no mention of your sighting of Mrs Drunkbirder down at the lakes.