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Monday, 4 May 2009

I Don't Like Mondays (at Rutland Water)

Arseholes. For the second week running, a Monday trip to Rutland Water in hope of a top drawer county tick ended in failure. Last week, I arrived literally five minutes too late to catch up with Whiskered Tern. Today, I couldn't get away from DIY chores early enough to see the Cattle Egret depart from Lagoon 1. It had headed over toward Hambleton Peninsular, so I headed there to have a quick look through any cattle or sheep fields. Unfortunately the whole village was operating some sort of quirky English open garden day - I guess this should have meant peaceful perusal of cottage gardens rather than the four-wheeled gridlock that I entered. Fucking rural nonsense. I was about to go and search around the north arm when Nicola called with the news that the Galaxy was confined to the driveway with a seriously flat tyre that needed sorting out. Bollocks. I nipped over to Eyebrook to have a quick look at an Avocet before heading home Egretless. I hope it turns up again in the week - but not on a Monday!

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The Leicester Llama said...

I also attempted to drive down the Hambleton Peninsula yesterday but was thwarted by the mass of fucking Volvos and 4x4s completely blocking the road. I suspect that's where it was hiding all day, but nobody could get down there to find it!

The (only) previous VC55 Cattle Egret also did a grand tour of Rutland Water before settling down for a 12 day stay in 1993, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one hangs around for a bit now.