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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Twycross Zoo 25/08/2008 - Pt. 1

Another family day out, another local attraction, another chance to get some much-needed DSLR practice. I took a fair few shots so I'll upload a few at a time. Babirusa - an ancient species related to pigs in the order Suidae but in its own subfamily Babyrousinae Capybara - like a bloody great big swimming Guinea Pig Black-tailed Prairie Dog - a JCB equipped ground squirrel Red-faced Black Spider Monkey - badly sunburnt Javan Langur - can be gingery red or jet black Concolor Gibbon (or Black Gibbon) - apart from the obvious, this is a female by virtue of the yellowy fur. Males and jet black with white cheeks, all young start off black with females becoming more yellow with maturity

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