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Monday, 25 August 2008

Leicester City v Tranmere Rovers - 23/08/2008

I took Josh and Alex to the mighty Walkers Stadium for a taste of League One action. With City undefeated and no goals conceded after three games, I was looking forward to another win and a clean sheet.

We got to the ground early and I took a few shots using my new phone (SonyEricsson K770i with a 3.2Mpixel CyberShot camera). Filbert Fox was in good form - surely the best mascot and stadium in the Coca Cola leagues. We were seated in the family enclosure, though with the ground being devoid of posts and viewing obstructions you can pretty much sit anywhere and it's the same. Not like the good old days of standing in the Spion Kop crush at Filbert Street though.

The Spion Kop

The Alliance and Leicester Stand

Filbert Fox with the West Stand behind

City were attacking the goal at the new Spion Kop in the first half, and it looked to be plain sailing in the first half hour with a Gradel shot hitting the bar and a shot from Howard cleared off the line with no reply from Tranmere. Howard then put City one up on 33 minutes. David Martin took on the goalkeeping in this game and was untroubled throughout the first half. The second half saw City attacking the goal at our end. Matty Fryatt headed City two up on 52 minutes from a Gradel free kick - a moment I managed to capture on the phone.
Fryatt sticks one in, the ball is just over the keepers head. Honest.

Cue another bout of Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis (de-der-de-de-der-de-de-der-de-der-de-der-de-der etc). The linesman and ref then conspired to fuck up and gift Tranmere a goal from Shuker on 80 minutes (the linesman had been flagging furiously, ignored by the ref, and then put it down when Tranmere scored - what a wanker). Fryatt rounded off a solid performance with City's third in the last minute.

Pearson certainly seems to be getting the team sorted, and I remain highly confident that City will be back in the Championship next season. Shame that the crowds have dwindled (attendance only 17798 for this game) but I'm sure they'll pick up as the season progresses.


The Drunkbirder said...

Good to see Leicester doing well while Dirty Leeds have yet to get their very overegged act going. Sing We all hate Leeds..

Anonymous said...

Well, as a Southampton FC supporter, I can only say that our loss (Nigel Pearson) is your gain, after our complete wanker of a chairman (Rupert Lowe) got rid of him and brought a useless, clueless, out-of-his-depth Dutchman in instead. SFC fans are still very pissed off about it, considering we are struggling - badly - again this season.
I guess SFC and LCFC will be passing each other, you on your way up, Saints on our way down. :-(