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Saturday, 9 August 2008

From the garden trap - 04/08/2008

Another garden first micro, and the 52nd pyralid species recorded in this modest suburban space. Nothing too exciting though, it's a Mediterranean Flour Moth - an synanthropic pest species, especially of flour mills and warehouses. Strictly speaking it will need to be confirmed by gen det, but I expect this to be a formality. Mediterranean Flour Moth - trouble at t'mill Total catch 217 of 62sp. (125W MV 72 of 35sp., 80W actinic 145 of 43sp.) First for garden: Mediterranean Flour Moth (Ephestia kuehniella) 1 First for year in garden: Pine Leaf-mining Moth (Clavigesta purdeyi) 1 Agriphila geniculea 1 Dusky Thorn (Ennomos fuscantaria) 1 Six-striped Rustic (Xestia sexstrigata) 1 Gold Spot (Plusia festucae) 1 Highest counts: Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) 37 Willow Beauty (Peribatodes rhomboidaria) 20 Common Rustic agg. (Mesapamea secalis agg.) 17 Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha) 14 Gold Spot - very shiny and smart Dusky Thorn - rapidly declining (but still common)

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