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Monday, 25 August 2008

This week, I have mostly been listening to ..

Mission directives from Optimus Prime, explosions, heavy artillery and general carnage. Another reason for lack of blog posts recently is that I've been playing the Transformers game on my Wii. I had no prior interest in Transformers (ie the cartoons, comics and toys from the mid 80s - too busy getting drunk etc!) but having been coerced to taking Josh and Alex to see the updated film last year I thought it was great - just as well as they play the DVD incessantly and I have to keep tidying up various bits of toy transformers around the house. Playing these sort of games on the Wii is a little more challenging and entertaining than on the Playstation, but I don't think the graphics quality is any better. Still plenty of life and games in the old Playstation yet (I've still got a few games lined up on that).

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davidearlgray said...

The best thing about Transformers is Megan Fox, the best eye candy I have seen for a very long time! ;-]