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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Red Admiral - 02/08/2008

A Red Admiral nectaring in the garden early in the afternoon on 02/08/2008 caught my eye as I think, remarkably, that it was the first I've seen this year. Underlines just how shit this year has been generally for butterflies (or perhaps just how shit I am at noticing them!). By the time I'd grabbed my cameras it had settled on the shed, allowing a close approach with the CoolPix before it fecked off for good. A Comma and c4 Peacocks were also in the garden during the afternoon. Red Admiral - click for big detail.

1 comment:

The Leicester Llama said...

It's not just you, Mark. I haven't seen Red Admiral at all in my new garden yet! And only one Small Tortoiseshell, which is rather depressing.