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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hornet Moth, Loughborough 21/06/2008

Following a tip-off, I met up with Adrian in Loughborough in perhaps the worst possible conditions to be searching for a clearwing moth. Seeing these is typically associated with warm, still sunny days, so a cold, dull and rainy morning was absolutely not the right weather.
We carried on anyway as at least we'd be sure of the site for reference and hopefully find a few exit holes. On the fourth of five likely looking poplar trees - AWESOME! A superb Hornet Moth climbing up the trunk. These are big clearwings (about an inch long), much bigger and beefier than the other clearwing species I've seen. Also stunning markings - I'd expect anyone finding it casually to think it was a big wasp rather than a moth.
We only found the one, plus a few exit holes, but considering the conditions we were lucky to see any. With the dull light photography was on really possible with flash.

Hornet Moth - superb!

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