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Thursday, 19 June 2008

From the garden trap - 14/06/2008

Things looked promising earlier in the day, when I was lucky enough to pot a garden first Bryotropha affinis whilst knocking about in the garden. However the cool night produced nothing exciting.

Total catch 52 of 24sp.
(125W MV 24 of 14sp., 80W actinic 28 of 15sp.)

First of the year for garden:
Riband Wave (Idaea aversata) 1
Buff Ermine (Spilosoma luteum) 1
Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha) 1
Dusky Brocade (Apamea remissa) 1
Highest counts:
Heart and Dart (Agrotis exclamationis) 13

Dusky Brocade - albeit an unusually coloured individual for my garden.

Buff Ermine left, White Ermine right. Very difficult to get these mixed up really; even though Buff Ermine can be a very pale creamy colour the spot distribution and jizz is very different.

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