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Tuesday, 20 July 2021


This hot spell is proving excellent for the garden trap, but wearing a bit thin on my energy levels - can't go to bed early when the trap is buzzing, and I can't get up late when there is the thought of potential garden firsts in the trap. And I need to get to work at a reasonable time anyway. Fatigue is off the scale, especially as the few hours in bed are not exactly a comfortable deep sleep with the sticky heat. Tonight is looking superb with cloud cover and humidity - but I think tomorrow night the trap is going to have to stay off regardless.

I can't be bothered with pulling together a load of detail on garden ticks just now, instead here's a couple of recent white-striped ticks ....

Pilophorus perplexus - how smart a bug is that! Very active like an ant scuttling about, I needed to slow it down a bit for this shot. From the garden trap on Sunday night.

Athripsodes albifrons - from the sheet when out on Saturday night at The Drift. For a caddisfly, that is very nice. Appears to be rare in VC55 too, perhaps just two previous records.


Mandiri Printing said...
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Edward Evans said...

Blimey that is nice for a caddis fly, not really into them, more the moths but still very nice.