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Monday, 19 September 2011

Very Retro Garden Tick

One thing I am very good at (or bad at depending on your view) is retaining e-mails. It's not through effective filing or anything too anal or obsessive, I just can't be arsed to delete them all and have managed to keep transferring them from one software package to another along with the address book etc (since May 2000 at least, earlier one were lost).

Recently I was trying to find something amongst some old e-mail (as the other thing I am probably too good at is having a vague recollection of something and then finding it on an old e-mail). Whilst at it, I browsed a few others from the same period and found an old ID request with some completely rubbish photos attached. One of the photos was of an as-then unidentified tortrix from my garden on 13/05/2001 - only looking at it now with over ten years more experience the ID was immediately apparent and I've managed to add a very retrospective tick to the garden list. Checking on the UK Moths archive I then found that actually someone had suggested that ID as well, so no idea how or why I missed the record at the time.

The photo is still rubbish despite the armchair victory!

Fruitlet Mining Tortrix (Pammene rhediella)

There's a slightly better recent photo of one here.

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Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Mark. Enjoying reminiscing your older posts and I find your blog posts very captivating indeed. On this post, it's great to get a tick after so long. I recently reviewed some of my moth photos from 2006 and found a mis-labelled Lunar Underwing.. which of course I mistook for Lesser. All the best now.