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Sunday, 19 June 2011


All being well, provided the lease company don't cock it all up again, I'll be driving the workhorse Vectra Estate into work and driving home in a brand new replacement.

Remarkably free of damage considering ....

Have to say that the Vectra has been a brilliant car all round; big load space, enough grunt up hills and on the motorway, excellent family car, never missed a beat - and not least a superb mothing mobile. It has been driven into places that many a 4x4 will never go, including woodland, quarries and moorland (albeit along fairly decent tracks).

Never once let me down, whether on shale, wet tracks or driving down farm lanes.

It has been packed to the rafters on many occasions, notably to carry loads of kit to Wicken Fen and Dungeness, and has made an excellent comfortable alternative to a tent on some superb overnighters.

I'm going to miss that cavernous load space ......

And so - what is coming in it's place? I have to say that I am both looking forward to the new car but also a little apprehensive.

Like this except in black - Laguna Sport Tourer GT Line

It's a lot more sporty in the styling, has much higher trim spec and more gadgets and comforts - but will it be big and manly enough to fully replace the Vectra? Time will tell.

Here's some classic car themed tunes .....

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