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Saturday, 25 June 2011


Forecast looking good - low point at 3am will be a healthy 14C with 96% humidity, and it will be dry. It's been building up all day after a damp dull start. No sunshine; just drying out, warming up and looking good for some mega mothing. The south-westerly won't hurt.

So, an overnighter at Ketton Quarry is on the cards. The new car is fully loaded up - fair to say it's a tighter squeeze than in the old Vectra, but in fairness that's the difference between 'ridiculously capacious' and 'more than big enough'. Still, I've managed to load up the pasting table, 8 traps, 3 gennies, 7 cable reels, a sheet kit, 2 petrol cannisters, 2 choke assys for the 250W traps and the usual sleeping gear, cameras pots and bits.

Expect a big list and some goodies over the next few days.

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