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Monday, 1 August 2022

Faith, Healed

Ok, so I got the final outcome from the consultants at a post-op follow up last Friday with Nichola. Bottom line - no discussions about how long I've got and no further treatment; lymph nodes clear and resection margins microscopically clear (r0) so essentially I am cancer-free and can get on with planning and living my life like anyone else. No guarantees of course, although ongoing surveillance for five years is reassuring, but it's absolutely the best outcome I could have hoped for. Just got to get on with physical recovery, though I'm feeling a bit stronger every day and from today I'm logging on to work for a while to get back on top of things.

I'm also taking on the VC55 CMR role formally from hereon in. I've been covering the role since Adrian's passing, but of course was hesitant to formalise anything too quickly and whilst I had my own health cloud. There is much to do, initially just to get a grip on a few things.

I ran the garden trap for a couple of nights before the weekend, and picked up x3 new micros in the process - one of which was completely new to me. Ironically though, the first new micro was almost overlooked.

From 28/07/2022 there were x2 Brown-line Bright-eye in the trap that I couldn't remember having here before, and x2 Caloptilia semifascia that has been turning up in gardens regularly over the last couple of years or so. It didn't remotely click that mine wasn't one of them. It was only when checking for last dates that the penny dropped, and thankfully I'd potted both to ensure a photo anyway. Turned out that after all I had recorded Brown-line Bright-eye here before - albeit way back in 2000 & 2003.

Caloptilia semifascia - garden tick

Worn but welcome Brown-line Bright-eye - not a garden tick!

The following night, another couple of micros that this time I knew were new ....

Caloptilia cuculipennella - new for me and the garden

Nephopterix angustella - seems to be having a good year locally

"All you've got to do is feel, your body's going to start to heal,
Fingertips of holy fire, everlasting sweet desire,
It don't matter what the doctors say, Healer man, sail away,
Immortality for two, miracles will come to you.
The faith healer, the faith healer"


Stewart said...

Great news Mark, it must be such a weight off yours and your families shoulders. All the very best.

Macro Me said...

As Stewart posted. Could not put it better.

Martin Gray said...

Superb news, need to get to the 4000 mark now.

Brian Moore said...

Excellent news Mark, at least that is behind you now and you all can start looking forward.

Skev said...

Cheers all - looking forward to getting back out in the field and seeing something different in due course.

Alastair said...

Hey, that's such good news. All the best for a continuing recovery.

Gibster said...

That's great news buddy, I'm very pleased to hear you finally have the all clear (and before you completely run out of innards!) Congrats on becoming CMR too, you'll totally nail it. Or them. I'm proper happy for you, mate.

martinf said...

So pleased for you, Skev! Great news.