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Monday, 24 January 2022

Tackle Ticks

I finally had the tackle of a number of specimens from the summer and early autumn checked out by Andy Mackay, which confirmed new for garden species and a couple of surprises:

Endothenia marginana

Endothenia oblongana - a full blown tick for me, and only the 4th or so VC55 record (all recent)

Cnephasia genitalana - proving that it is worth getting individuals checked through the season

Dichrorampha flavidorsana - another British tick

Apodia bifractella

Adaina microdactyla

I've also realised that this one appears to have slipped through without being mentioned in the blog: Gelechia sororculella, a tick for me and only 2nd VC55 record.

Here's post-Clash blast from quite a long while ago ....


Gibster said...

With a title like that I thought you were blogging about catching crabs. I've only met one person (a PSLer) who admitted to having them. And yep, they're on his list (and nope, it's not me).

Skev said...

Ha, I'd like to say it was a well planned cunning ploy to lure readers in. But I wasn't thinking of lice downstairs and am delighted they're not on my list!