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Saturday, 15 January 2022


Our loft is in serious need of a bloody good clear out before something comes crashing through the ceiling (most likely me whilst trying to navigate the tiny remaining accessible space). We've got stuff up there that has pretty much been there since we first moved in. Plus a raft of Lego and other kids toys; our kids schoolwork memorabilia; loads of CDs, tapes and videos; computer gaming stuff; a box full of various old mobile phones; masses of photos and books etc etc. Not to mention a drum kit, guitars and keyboard. Oh, and furniture and cushions that we don't need, will never use but Nichola insisted we hang on to. There is far too much to even attempt to do in one weekend. In fact it might take many efforts over several months, but little by little it will be sorted and has to be massively diminished.

Today I shifted down four likely boxes (plus those old mobiles that are going to Fonebank in support of Water Aid): some old videos, a couple of boxes of books, some Playmobil and a box full of computer disks and old PC games. I've pretty much done my bit: videos gone, a selection of books and Birding World volumes sorted and offered on various internet platforms for free collection, and the PC stuff is being sorted this evening before shredding the discs. The Playmobil is being played with by Nichola and our youngest (who is 19) - this could take even longer than I anticipated.

Anyway, amongst the bits I found this ....

I'm sure that many who stumble here will recognise this: the Audubon Bird Call. Or bird squeaker as a lot of birders will have called it. It was always brilliant for Firecrests on the Scillies, and getting the odd warbler interested, but not much use beyond that. I must have bought this c30yrs ago, and they seemed to be attached to every binocular strap back then; I had no idea though how long these had been available, or that they still were! A quick internet search brought this up.

Mine still squeaks: a quick blast confirmed no Firecrests or Yellow-browed Warblers wintering in the house.

Meanwhile, like millions of others regardless of class, creed or political leaning, I am astounded that this callous rabble (that some call the Government) continue to apologise for, defend, shield and generally make excuses for the incompetency, hypocrisy and utter bare-faced lying of the PM. Quite how he is still (currently) the PM is beyond belief. They all need to go. Boris resigning or being shoved out (and criminally charged!) will not be enough to stem the freefall into full-blown autocracy. All of his sycophants and truth-twisting money-syphoning parasites need to go with him (Raab, Sunak, Truss, Patel, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Dorries, Shapps etc etc). The Twitter account for Cold War Steve is excellent, and the parody accounts for various political figures are funny enough, but how far into the realms of utter lunacy do we have to sink before satire is no longer feasible. It's getting to the point that we expect yet another insider to squeak and expose more failings every day.

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Stewart said...

Final bit, well said Mark.
The Squeakers, yes I remember when every ringer at Hauxley had them ( except me) and they did attract Goldcrest attention for a few seconds. I bet they would work a treat in the states though. I was having a slash in some bushes at a lake in Michigan when a bird appeared above me. I quietly pished it and immediately a pair of Pine Warblers were nearly sitting on my you know what! :)