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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Another Couple Reared

I'm always pleased when I manage to rear something through that either confirms an ID I made for a caterpillar, or provides and ID for one I didn't know. I've had two this week. Yesterday a Barred Straw emerged from a caterpillar that I swept at Countesthorpe Meadows on 22/05/2019 - that one pupated pretty much immediately so I didn't get to photograph it or have a good look at it. Today a Common Emerald has emerged, one I had identified as the larva from Aylestone Meadows back on 27/04/2019. Haven't bothered to photograph either adult as I've got other more pressing things to do this evening.

One I am trying to rear is this, from some sort of willowherb in the garden (certainly not Rosebay or Great, one of the smaller hairy-stemmed varieties). It must be a Mompha sp., but no idea which so I am really hoping I get this one through.

Blotch mine, frass deposited in a clump at the bottom, larva has dark head and prothoracic plates. It's already swapped leaves twice so now a good chance of success I think.

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