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Saturday, 28 February 2015

310 / 659

Back home yesterday afternoon after a week working away in Slovakia. It was mild, dry and with sunshine so I was looking forward to getting the garden trap back out. By the time I lit up though it had turned distinctly chilly and I very low expectations. I was a bit knackered so didn't bother checking the trap at all before heading off to bed early, and it was not until late this morning that I bothered to check it. There was nothing in or under the trap at all, and just a single moth resting on the house wall nearest the trap. So just one moth of one species .......

Oak Beauty - a garden tick!

Not the best individual with a bit of wear and a patch of missing scales, but a nice garden tick all the same. It brings the garden macro list up to 310 and the overall garden moth list to 659.

1 comment:

Broom Birder said...

Well done- there was none in the woods this week when I left a trap overnight.