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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Overdue - Garden Tiger

Time for another overdue species to highlight, though I'm not sure whether this one really is an overdue or more likely 'long gone' from around here.

Garden Tiger is a species I was familiar with long before I started moth recording, so I was pleased but not spectacularly surprised when one turned up on 22/07/2001 - just my second full year of garden light trapping. Never had a sniff of one here since, and whilst I have seen odd ones over the years whilst out of county trapping (notably at the inlaws North Devon garden and at Wicken Fen) I don't think I've seen one in VC55 since 2006. I'm not expecting this one to reappear in the garden trap any time soon.

Garden Tiger, Whetstone 22/07/2001

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Broom Birder said...

They've just about vanished from Beds too. Being comparatively new to mothing (2009), I am not expecting to ever trap one. I think my best bet now is Jersey Tiger, which are slowly colonising from the south.