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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumn Mothing

I usually find that garden mothing in September brings a fresh burst of enthusiasm after a typically dull and disappointing period from mid-August. But last year, and so far this year, I feel like I'm missing out on a few things. Still no Sallow, only a couple of Centre-barred Sallows and one Barred Sallow so far. Also missed Pale Eggar this year I think. Still whilst I'm missing out on those, I did get this one last night ...

Orange Sallow - first since 2011

I've also picked up a few of these over the last couple of nights ....

Small Blood-vein

I don't always get any second-brood individuals for this species, and the last one was (coincidentally) in 2011. Usually just the odd one of two when I do get them, apart from 2006 when I had a significant second-brood appearance.

1 comment:

grahamc said...

Hi Mark

I envy you the Orange Sallow it's one that I've never recorded at Sapcote. I have taken 7 Small Blood-vein here in the last fortnight though.