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Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Moth Muncher & The Hopping Invalid

Whilst emptying the garden moth traps this morning, I was pleased to hear Lesser Whitethroat singing again from the embankment along with a Blackcap and other usual suspects. The neighbours Long-tailed Tits have fledged (don't know when) but the party was noisily flitting about - up to five juveniles I think, too active to count properly. Also a juvenile Robin knocking about this morning. Then this cheeky bugger landed on the edge of the trap and had a good look at what was on offer for breakfast. Of course it flew off when I went to get the camera, but not far. Moth Muncher Then I noticed this pathetic chap hopping about: Knackered wings, no tail, Dodo-like flight capability Not sure what to make of it. I guess if a cat had got hold of it, it would be unlikely to get away in this condition. Either way, every time I approached it would vigorously hop off to evade capture. Hopping mad I was surprised when I got home this evening to see it still about - seems to be doing a circuit around ours and our neighbours houses and gardens. I don't expect to see it tomorrow though .....

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