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Monday, 1 June 2009

Herbert's Meadow, 30/05/2009

In glorious warm sunshine, I headed out to Herbert's Meadow - part of the Ulverscroft NR. I was hoping that the warm weather would have tempted a couple of Foresters out early, but no sign. In fact despite the conditions, there wasn't too much flying at all aside from a few Chimney Sweepers, Glyphipterix thrassonella and Bactra lancealana. The meadow was looking a bit overgrazed compared to previous visits, and there didn't seem to be as many orchids around as I remember - maybe just the difference between a late May visit and mid-June. Heath Spotted Orchid Chimney Sweeper Glyphipterix thrassonella I managed to grab a quick shot of this chaser as it briefly perched on the walk down to Herbert's Meadow - pretty sure it is a Broad-bodied Chaser. Broad-bodied Chaser


davidearlgray said...

Hi Mark, the Common Fragrant Orchids don't flower until mid June usually. So probably you were a bit early!?

Skev said...

Haven't consciously gone there looking for orchids - was aware that Fragrant Orchid was at the site but didn't know when to look. Just seem to remember more orchids last time I went - thought Pyramidal was here aswell? Maybe getting my sites mixed up.

davidearlgray said...

Mark,check out Herbert's Meadow yesterday with the Leicester Wildlife Group and saw good numbers of Marsh Fragrant Orchids, Heath Spotted Orchids, Common Spotted Orchid and a single flowering Bee Orchid.
Also we saw a single Forester moth!