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Monday, 15 June 2009

Elvedon Forest CenterParcs 05/06/09 - 08/06/09

The glorious sunshine and hot weather abated - just in time for our family long weekend break at the Elvedon Forest CentreParcs. Actually it was probably a good thing - the indoor tropical water park is great fun for the kids (and their big kid parents) and we spend a fair amount of time in there whatever the weather. We actually did okay though - whilst Leicestershire was being deluged we had a few clouds with sunny spells with just a couple of light showers (it is in the dry Brecks after all). We even managed a fairly warm sunny barby on the Saturday afternoon. Good family fun, and a relaxing but active weekend with plenty of biking. I did take the 80W actinic trap, but the catches were pretty poor to be honest (cool nights after the preceding warm weather) - nothing more exciting than Cream Wave, Maiden's Blush and Treble Lines and nothing new for me. As ever at CenterParcs - you have woodland on your patio and a range of typical woodland birds visiting for handouts, like this one:

Woodland Barnacle Goose

There were good numbers of Jays about - never lingering long enough for a photo though. Otherwise just the usual common expected birds. Loads of Grey Squirrels and Rabbits in the complex, and a few Hares just outside.

Also a few Muntjac seen, but never coming into full photographic view.

Loads of Moorhen chicks about (or Moor-ons as Alex decided to call them). Why do the vulnerable chicks have bright blue bits with red and yellow bills, when the older juveniles are drab and brown?

Also noted that the older juveniles (first brood siblings?) were feeding the small chicks as well as the parents - is this normal Moorhen behaviour? Presumably feeding chicks with pizza is not innate!

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