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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Huncote Damsels

Not much time for blogging just lately, but here's a quick one. I nipped over to Huncote Embankment on Saturday morning whilst Alex was at his karate session in Enderby. I went there specifically to spend an hour at the pool which can be good for dragonflies and damselflies, and as it was warm with good strong sunny spells I thought it should be a good chance to catch up with a common damsel that I've never knowingly bothered to identify (I've never been much of an odonata watcher!).

Turned out well, as I immediately scored with my target ......

Red-eyed Damselfly

Lots of activity whilst I was there, with at least two Emperor Dragonflies patrolling, several Four-spotted Chasers, loads of Common Blue Damsleflies, a few Banded Demoiselle and a Large Red Damselfly plus ....

Good numbers of Azure Damselfly, another one I only recently bothered to identify

and a couple of Blue-tailed Damselfly

A Grass Snake took me by surprise as it lazily swam underneath the viewing platform and across the pool, but sadly by the time I had camera back out and ready it was too distant for a good shot ....

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