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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring Begins

Just lately I've been ridiculously busy and pressured at work, so with the first signs of moderate weather I was more than pleased to get out and about for some fresh air over the weekend. A quick walk down the lane into my square on Saturday afternoon after working, and a couple of hours at Narborough Bog on Sunday morning. Even managed to find a few bits to point the camera at (and a couple of beetles that came home in pots to be keyed through under the microscope).

From Saturday ..

Acericerus vittifrons

Coral Spot

Large Yellow Underwing - found under a discarded welly

... and from Sunday morning ...

Scarlet Elfcup

Black Witches Butter

and this slime mould is probably Metatrichia floriformis

I keyed out a couple of small carabid beetles fro Narborough Bog to be Pterostichus minor and Agonum gracile, neither spectacular looking or paticularly photogenic but both fit in well with the habitat and VC55 records.

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