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Sunday, 16 March 2014


Regular visitors to this blog over the last few years may well remember a local site I occasionally visit - Grove Park. It is a pathetic remnant of a once great area of rough ground that has been notable for the odd passage passerine, wintering Snipe, the occasional Jack Snipe and breeding LRPs over the years. One particularly good passage period a couple of years ago produced a peak count of 15 Wheatears, and I have also seen Whinchat here in the long-distant past. I've commented several times about how the remnant has been gradually encroached upon and it was only a matter of time before it goes completely. Well, that time is spring 2014 it appears.

That's my car parked up on a tarmac strip slap-bang in the middle of the former LRP breeding site.

Not much land left either side of the strip.

There is building work ongoing ....

.... apparently we are in dire need of yet another pub restaurant.

I very much doubt that any LRPs will bother stopping here this year.

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