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Monday, 14 October 2013

Skev who?

Yet again I've been far too busy / lame / preoccupied / distracted etc to post on my own blog. I've posted on other blogs, tweeted and twatted about and occassionally Facebooked, but this here blog has lain dormant for most of the year. Very poor indeed, and something I will have to correct in 2014.

Here's a nice Vestal from my garden - the 22nd new moth for the garden this year, 4th new macro and 647th species overall. Nice.



Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Mark
Welcome back! Yes it is incredibly hard to keep up with posting here there and everywhere. I have had to just stick to blogging and flickering and have decided to leave forums, facebook, twitter etc for times when I might have that extra hour or so!
Well done on the Vestal, honestly when I caught mine I jumped for joy, then a week or so later nearly everyone had trapped one! Some people had two in their trap!
A good moth though.
Mothing is tough now, Sunday night yieded just 5 moths
All the best and keep on blogging

Stewart said...

Hello there Mark, glad youre back in the saddle. Man I would like to find a Vestal in the trap...