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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Garden Trap Catches

Struggling to keep up with blogging this year, and not just on here. Posted a big 1000 in 1km square update yesterday which was the first for a couple of weeks, and likewise updated the Garden Moth Challenge.

I haven't posted daily updates from the garden traps, not that they've run everyday. The early part of last week was by far the best so far this year, with lots of NFY moths and quite a few other bits. Since getting the Synergetic trap back in use it has outperformed the 125W MV on every outing except last night - and that's mainly down to the wind gusting through the garden right into the trap path whereas the MV is a little more sheltered. The opposite may be having an effect on calmer nights but the 80W actinic did not routinely out-do the MV, and in particular when the conditions were a little better (eg 7th and 20th May) the MV completely outclassed it. All in all I'd have to say that the Synergetic trap has got to be the trap of choice for the garden - at least for the complimentary trap to the 125W MV (can't see me ever being brave enough to ditch one of those).

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the 125MV versus the 80W actinic and 22W Synergetic on the nights they've been run this year (actinic only running in early season):

17th - 19th June by far the best period so far this year with 41 species added to the garden yearlist, torrential rain in the afternoon and early evening on 20th so no trapping, and very blustery with some rain last night. Hopefully things will pick up again soon.

Garden tick on the 13th, Cydia ulicetana (326th micro, 629th moth).


Unknown said...

If you get the chance would you do a blog post on the trap itself. Ie a few photos of design, where to get parts from, that sort of thing. I have an interest in these traps as my neighbours are getting a little pissed with my MV.

Skev said...

It's another Russell special, though I sourced the tubes in the first instance. They're the same as used in EFKs, currently available from National Lamps:

You can get the holders and control gear form there as well.

Broom Birder said...

Mark, I've just ordered 2x 600mm Synergetic T12 20w tubes from the same company as my original trap's electrics blew and tripped out the house last night! It will basically be the same skinner trap, except running slightly more wattage. Judging by your favourable results, I wonder if it will out perform conventional Actinic and BLB tubes as I don't use MV in the garden for 'being sociable' reasons. Should have it up and running early next week. Cheers...