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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring ....

... has sprung at last. Just about. Really nice and sunny today, again, but without the biting wind and temps rose. Nipped into part of my patch this morning whilst out and picked up LRP in display-flight. Also picked up my first butterfly of the year with a smart male Brimstone flitting to and fro along the garden today, and a few more flies around as well but no bees as yet. One odd thing though is that I've only seen one Frog in the garden this year - a very large and fat individual which I presumed was a female. It was hiding in a hollow underneath my mothing slab back on 18th March, covered in leaf-litter (though it certainly wasn't there earlier in the winter). I was surprised to find it still there today - presume the local ponds are also free of frogs and spawn.

Found a Blackbird nesting in the garden today as well, and the Long-tailed Tits have finally paired off and broken up - I was still getting a feeding flock coming to the garden in the week which seemed very odd for late March / early April.

Last notable sighting was a Muntjac along the road-side in a nearby village tonight when I picked up Isabelle from work - first time I've seen one anywhere near to here and out of woodland.

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