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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Not Much

Haven't posted here for a while - mainly as I've had barely anything to post about. Cold, windy, busy etc. Moth trap hasn't been out since 5th March. Over the Easter weekend we went down to Devon where I fared a little better with new things, mainly lichens, but it was still very quiet as far as flying inverts go. I'll post a load of lichen stuff another day, but here's a few random shots.

Bracken Map - a common fungus on dead Bracken stems

Forked Veilwort - a liverwort

Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage

A nice shot of the arse-end of a Coal Tit - it just wouldn't face the camera

Montagu's Stellate Barnacle

Black-footed Limpet

And a common maritime lichen, Collemopsidium sublitorale on Montagu's Stellate Barnacle

And while I think about it, found a few of these lizards around the hotel grounds during a business trip to Turkey earlier in March - I think it's Lebanon Lizard (Phoenicolacerta laevis)

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