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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Pair of Ticks

I've managed to sneak in two PSL ticks into my 1000 in 1kmsq challenge so far - both acquired whilst rooting about haphazardly in the garden. First up was this nice new woodlouse found on Sunday during a between-coats break whilst decorating ....

Rosy Woodlouse

I'd like to find another to try and get a better shot - this one was constantly on the move and trying to get back under stones. The other tick came whilst searching around the garden moth trap last night with a torch. No moths in or around the trap one of two harvestman noted was this .....

Odiellus spinosus

Currently on 59 species without really having made a concerted effort away from the garden, and most of the list at the moment comprises birds seen whilst out on Foot It walks. No vascular plants listed as yet - I'll have a dedicated effort on those sometime soon.

I've created a page up at the top where I'll periodically update the list.

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