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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Clipsham Quarry, 25th June 2009

I travelled over to Clipsham Quarry for an overnight multi-trap session with Ron Follows and Adrian Russell. Clipsham Quarry is a working limestone quarry, but the oldest parts of the quarry which are no longer worked literally back onto the ancient part of Pickworth Great Wood. Past sessions here have been excellent, so despite the forecast being a little unpromising we were hopeful of a good night.

We ran a total of 17 traps plus a light over a sheet. The traps were mainly positioned on the banks and tracks around the older parts of the quarry.

Our hopes were realised in the morning with an excellent overall catch of 2643 of 211sp. My six traps (4 x 125W MV, 1 x 250W metal halide and 1 x 80W actinic) contributed a total of 920 of 159sp. These were positioned on a ridge/bank above the quarry (traps 5, 6, 7 & 8) and two traps on the access track and an open spot we refer to as the 'scrapyard' (traps 9 & 10) although the discarded quarrying equipment has since been removed.

Main highlights:
Ethmia dodecea 11
Thiotricha subocellea 19
Schoenobius gigantella 1
Blotched Emerald 2
Dwarf Cream Wave 9
Satin Wave 4
Satyr Pug 2
Shaded Pug 25
Sloe Pug 2
Heart and Club 7
Dark Sword-grass 1
Concolorous 1
Blackneck 34

Highest counts (50+):
Mottled Beauty 235
Light Emerald 158
Chrysoteuchia culmella 129
Dark Arches 123
Celypha lacunana 77
Heart and Dart 73
Bramble Shoot Moth 58

Looking across to the oldest part of the quarry at dusk.

Driving through here at night is a strange experience - moon-like.

The main 'road' into the heart of the quarry.

The access track to the 'scrapyard'.

Looking across from the ridge.

Looking back to the entrance along the ridge.

Looking along the ridge to the quarry.

A proper quarry vehicle.

Does the job.

A good few hours of emptying to follow!

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davidearlgray said...

Hi Mark, 14-16 on the Clipsham map is were most of the Orchids are!!