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Monday, 4 June 2018

Tart's Tick Butterfly

I had a few days in Devon last week, and managed to point my camera at a few inverts whilst down there. Best of the bunch for me was a new butterfly at Heddon's Mouth (on the coast a few miles west of Lynton). There were a few flitting about but none settled to check them properly and no chance to get a proper shot, so I has to resort to netting and potting one and then grabbing a couple of phone shots in the pot before releasing it again.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Heddon's Mouth 31/05/2018

Whilst nosing about looking at coastal lichens and grabbing some abstract photos, I found a couple of other bits on the rocks ....

Knot Grass, Heddon's Mouth 31/05/2018

Salticus scenicus sl, Heddon's Mouth 31/05/2018

Most other bits I photographed were in the in-laws Guineaford garden.

Mint Beetle, 31/05/2018

Copper Underwing, 01/06/2018

Micropterix aruncella, 01/06/2018

Micropterix calthella, 02/06/2018

Speckled Bush-cricket nymph, 02/06/2018

Beautiful Demoiselle, 02/06/2018

Psychoides filicivora, 02/06/2018

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