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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Overdue - Pearly Underwing

With a flurry of Scarce Bordered Straws and a good few Dark Sword-grass already this autumn, I really did think we were in for a decent migrant year here in Leics. Well, if it was it certainly didn't happen for me. I guess there is still a chance, but looks like I'm going to be waiting another year for my first garden Gem, Small Mottled Willow and Convolvulous Hawk, or my second garden records of Vestal, Bordered Straw and this one - Pearly Underwing.

Pearly Underwing - 10th September 2006

Of the all the migrants I'm hoping for, this one really should be turning up more than it does. Certainly not an uncommon migrant further south.

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