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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Moschatel and Random Bits

I'm off to Greece in the morning - working away for a week in Patras. I doubt there will be any time for having a look around but I'll take my camera anyway. Before I go, here's a few random shots from Devon.

 Moschatel - one of the 'faces' with a five-petal flower

Moschatel - the four-petal top flower

Woolacombe Beach - it was rammed on the main sands but quiet around the rocky pools

This rock caught my eye - a bit like looking for images in clouds, this one looks to me like a sunken fossilised mammoth. And I hadn't been drinking.

This is actually a lot smarter than it looks here - a Sea Hare, my first sea slug

Sea Slater - a large maritime woodlouse

Some funky 'script' lichens

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