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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Not Overdue - December Moth

December Moth is one of those species that I'm sure does occur around here, though I expect at fairly low density and as a late-season flyer I probably miss it most years just because I don't trap often enough. I first recorded it in the garden on 28th November 2000 - the individual featured below.

I then took three different individuals in November 2001, and then .... nothing. Not a single one in the garden since. Thanks to the 1000 in 1km square and Garden Moth challenges, I was determined to get the traps out a bit more than I usually would at this time of year and hopefully pick up a few of the late-season flyers that have eluded me in most years. All best intentions etc, but in reality I've missed a good few nights where trapping could have yielded something since the clocks changed - been getting home late from work and losing enthusiasm.

I decided to put the traps out tonight though as it seemed (relatively) mild, dry and still. Also with some early frost in the week and a cold-snap forecast for next week, a mild night could be good. Just checked the Synergetic and found this clinging to the vanes ....

Excellent! My first garden December Moth for 12 years and number 437 for the 2013 Garden Moth Challenge.

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