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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Siskins plural

Yesterday I mentioned how Siskin was a decent garden rarity for me with only singles having been seen ....... Noticed one on the nuts again today, and as I ventured down the passageway at the side of the house to try and get some closer shots I could hear the distinctive sound of more Siskins. Sure enough, they were exactly where the should be - high up in the only alder within a few hundred meters, which stands on the neighbour's front garden overlooking our feeders. There were 14, including some nice males, but they all stayed at the top. Only the one came down to the feeders, the rest were happy with the alder cones.


Otherwise, nothing esle of note today as I've been measuring, sawing, re-measuring, re-sawing and swearing a lot whilst sorting new skirting boards after we had a new floor fitted throughout the downstairs.

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