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Friday, 16 July 2010


Nothing remotely interesting on the moth or bird front - the weather here over the last couple of days has been absolutely miserable with very strong winds (which have ripped of the roofing felt from my shed) and torrential rain (which is not a good thing when your roofing felt has been blown off).

So, here's a few shots of various Brown-lipped Banded Snails from Narborough Bog last time I trapped there. They were prolific on the reeds and scrub in the early morning dew.

Also loads of these Amber Snails ..


russmalin said...

Hi Mark. Pretty sure it's Succinea putris, or Amber Snail. Narborough Bog would be text book habitat. There is also Oxyloma pfeifferi, Pfeiffer's Amber Snail but these are generally a lot darker than your image

Skev said...

Thanks Russ - looks good to me.