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Sunday, 5 October 2008

iNDUSTRiE - Now It's Dark

Time for another electronic blast from the vaults of iNDUSTRiE. However - I must warn all that right from the off, this track contains a constant barrage of expletive venom courtesy of Dennis Hopper as sampled from the superb David Lynch film Blue Velvet. In order to save webspace etc, I've uploaded to YouTube having made use of Windows MovieMaker. Don't expect an interesting or dynamic video! It's just a static backdrop for the music. This track developed over a couple of years, and was a regular live track at our gigs. This version was recorded in 1993 directly sequenced from a multi-out sampler (Akai s2800), albeit onto analogue tape. I've recorded into the Clean software, de-noised it a bit and that's all - so not the most balanced mix but you get the idea. Warning - expletive ridden from the first syllable.

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