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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Trap Action

The garden MV has been pretty busy over the last couple of nights, relatively good numbers of moths (compared to recent weeks in any case), though nothing remotely exciting or unusual. I haven't had a chance as yet to sort out the lists as I've been late home from work, attending a 'your child has been successful' ceremony at Isabelle's school and watching some disappointing Iberian football. For the same reasons I haven't bothered to photograph any more than a couple of moths.

Blastodacna hellerella

Epiblema trimaculana

This morning though I was struck by the relative abundance of 'other stuff' in the traps, and made good use of the Lumix+macro conversion lens to get shots of very small stuff sitting on egg cartons. I'm sure most of this stuff has been regular in the traps over the last few years - I've just never noticed them whilst scrutinising the intended moths. Amazing how productive five minutes with a camera can be!

First up, a couple of Psyllids ....

Trioza remota

Psyllopsis fraxini

This is yet another new soldier fly for me ...

Green Gem [Microchrysa flavicornis] - note the yellow basal section to the antennae

And another picture-winged fly, plus a wood gnat ....

Rhagoletis alternata

Sylvicola punctatus

These have eluded ID though: the first one looks like something that should be identifiable and I feel sure I've seen a photo of this somewhere, the owl-fly is undoubtedly a lost cause ......

Unidentified fly


Finally, this was in the garden this evening .....

Empoasca vitis


Sue Murphy said...

Amazing photos!

Skev said...

Thanks Sue.