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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Look at the thighs on that ...

In between dodging showers, running errands and having to do some family stuff, I managed a quick walk down the disused railway line at Cosby with the boys looking for anything of interest. Not really ideal for photography whlist out but I potted a few bits up to try later - like these:

Swollen-thighed Beetle

Nedyus quadrimaculata - found on nettles

Arge ustulata

Pammene aurana


Andrew Cunningham said...

Nice pic of the Nedyus quadrimaculata! I use my Raynox on a Fuji HS10 but your's seem a lot clearer.

Skev said...

Thanks Andrew. Not sure if there is anything I can suggest, but if it helps I'm using the camera in Aperture priority mode with the aperture at F8.0, AF Macro focus mode, and I'm using flash. I should also point out that for every shot I post on here there are loads of duff ones that are not quite right for one reason or another - the beauty of digital versus film in this respect!