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Thursday, 7 June 2012

More invert-ed stuff

Just one brief excursion today down the lane with the boys before the rain set in for the day. Josh had his eyes in for stuff today and managed to find a great longhorn beetle that I would have missed  ......

Stenocorus meridianus

Josh also spotted a hoverfly, which I netted and identified using Stubbs as White-footed Hoverfly [Platycheirus albimanus] but it refused to cooperate for a photo, and he also found this ladybird ...

22 Spot Ladybird

Amongst other small bits swept from umbelifers was this Tachyporus sp. - can't be identified without internal scrutiny I think.

Tachyporus sp.

I've also identified a spider that I swept from grass at Cosby yesterday ...

Metellina mengei

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