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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stubbs, Plate 7, Fig 13a

As hoverflies go (at least in my very limited experience) this one is a real tiddler - Neoascia tenur. It was also nigh on impossible to get a decent photo in dull evening light with a very flightly beast. This one is the best of a bad bunch in that it shows the slightly waisted abdomen (though not as dramatically as in Sphegina clunipes), a yellow abdominal band and clear wings.

Having found an Early Grey resting in the garden yesterday evening, and with it having beeen the first mild/dry day for a fair while, I put out the garden MV last night. It was raining by early morning and the whole catch consisted of four Hebrew Characters. Complete pants. I did pick up a garden yeartick though with an Agonopterix arenella that came to a lit window on the other side of the house.

Today it rained pretty much all day; the bottom end of my garden is flooded again. I really should plant some phragmites down there and see if I can get breeding Bittern on the garden list .....

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