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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Common Sand - KOAN Sound

Quite nice and bright this morning for a change (compared to the incessant rain of recent days which has varied between miserable to biblical). I was at work and missed it all, as it was pissing down again by mid afternoon. There was a brief interlude later in the afternoon, and happily this coincided with a tip-off from the Hooded Birder about two Common Sands at Jubilee Park. I've seen one here before, and the nature of the pool is that you can only view a relatively small part of the overall shoreline which makes looking for a shoreline hugging small wader pottering about a bit of a lottery. Not only that, but they'd flown off a short distance to one of the inaccessible pools. I dropped in any way on the way home anyway, after a quick stop at another site within my greater Soar Valley South patch to check on the now resident LRPs. As soon as I was overlooking the pool I picked up a couple of yeartick House Martins amongst a few Swallows - nice. A short while later, and one Common Sand pottered into view for about 10 minutes before it pottered out of view again. If I'd stood there for an hour it would probably have worked it's way around and be back in view but I needed to get home. Didn't point the camera at anything, and I've got nothing else to post, so here's some tunes to wake you up from the excellent Koan Sound ..... turn it right up .....

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