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Wednesday, 27 May 2020


A couple of catch-up bits first. I've managed to sort another of the sawflies from Ketton Quarry on 17/05 - or rather confirm from the key that the suggested ID on UK Sawflies was right. It is Cytisogaster chambersi, based on the facial markings which separate it from two other spp.

And I've also sorted a couple of small black hoverflies from the garden on Monday: one was another Pipizella viduata, but the other was new for me - Eumerus funeralis. It's not much of a looker, and only c5mm long so not exactly the most exciting hoverfly but good to sort it properly based on ocelli position and underside of hind femora.

Rear pair of ocelli positioned close to the 'baseline' of the eyes than E. ornatus

Shiny bare patch on hind femora

Another new one for the garden was a surprise, given that the one I swept at Countesthorpe Meadows on 16/05 was on the fourth or so record for the county ....

Empis scutellata - just about to escape from the moth trap it came to

I've got a few bits to pin and check later tonight, including a yello-faced bee from the garden today and a weird shaped small thin sawfly.

Here's a couple more from Huncote Embankment yesterday:

Graphomya macualata - female

Graphomya maculata - male

Helophilus pendulus

A here's a few more from the garden trap ...

Campion - only second garden record


Coxcomb Prominent

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