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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

'Moth-type Thing'

When I got home earlier this evening, Nichola eventually remembered that whilst out in the garden earlier in the afternoon she'd seen a 'moth-type thing' loitering on a dead daffodil head that maybe I'd be interested in. I fully expected to find either nothing, or most likely an Angle Shades. I was wrong, and grabbed a quick snap with my phone.

Orange-tip - it was a male though you'd be hard pushed to know from this view

When I pointed out to Nichola that it was actually a butterfly, and showed her this snap, she affirmed that it didn't look like that earlier as the wings were all crumpled up. So coupled with the static nature of this individual, it seems very likely that it has actually emerged from an unseen chrysalis and climbed up the nearest stem to dry out / harden up. We do have a few spikes of Cuckooflower down that end of the garden in most years, so I'll have to try and remember to search them this year for larvae.

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